The Right Display of Teamwork

Teamwork is meant to be shown and not thought about. If You are struggling with your Teammates and not displaying the right performance, then each of you need to get better because to adapt is a requirement of everyone. However firstly you need to focus on yourself- this is about a perception about teamwork.

What is the right definition of teamwork?

It is about some personality traits or characteristics that you need to show while you do any kind of work with a team.

If at all your friends are struggling, then showing them the right perspective about teamwork will help them be a better team-player.

Setting the Stage:

1: Friendly Person-

Firstly, I would strongly suggest being a warm and friendly person and open to relations with an acceptance of diversified people. It is these diverse people there is a mixture of various skills that could help the team move ahead towards their goals.

2: Know Your Role-

Secondly, know your purpose in the team and look to be a cross-functional person that can help the team.


Important Things to Consider:

Adding the Most Value to the Team-

If everyone looks to be a better team-player then the team will perform at their best and not get stuck with issues that could stop the team in achieving their goals. Everyday look at the team’s goal to achieve for that week. If you are not able to help the team then hang in there and look for every opportunity to help the team in every possible way. Its not just about doing some activities, rather its about adding the most value that you can provide to the team. If you know the team’s goal, then you will be in a better position to see how you can enhance the team further towards the goal of the week.


Bad Attitude Must be Dealt with Immediately-

The Teamwork can be a major issue if the team-players have a bad attitude towards their goal or work. Attitude can be fixed with a right outlook about the team. Keep a positive stance and be the team that can outshine any other team. If a team-player shows a bad attitude then immediately deal with that person to display a right attitude or wait for the week till the problem subsides or decreases, but a bad attitude can spread across other teammates and hurt the team’s goal. Bad attitude can be a serious issue if it spreads through the team. It must be dealt with immediately.


Problem-Solving People must be Ready at Hand-

To Fix problems and build momentum- keep few members for some problem-solving skills and kill problems whenever they appear. Teamwork can display results if problems are solved immediately and as the team progresses, obstacles do not become a problem and tough problems are put to rest as they appear.

Accept Conflicts as Natural Outcome and Embrace Healthy Conflicts-

Respect every personality and accept conflicts to arise as the team progresses towards their goal. It is not just about agreeing to everyone but respect every person’s opinions about the problem being dealt with. Conflicts are a part of teamwork and they should be considered as opportunities to become better and respect everyone’s opinion. Conflicts should be resolved with a planned procedure and it can be embraced respectfully. Conflicts should not be taken lightly and if possible, note it down electronically to keep a track of record. If still you face conflicts that can cause into serious problems, then the team should be already made aware about the consequences of ending up in a bad reputation or even become a serious problem that may cause a termination of work. Every conflict should be made a natural outcome and no team-player must be considered as a problem and the journey must continue forward for everyone.


Communication, Competence, Collaboration and Commitment-

Although people working in a team may not consider communication important, but it is really this aspect that can cause the major damage because if there is no on-going communication happening in a team it can be the most hurting trait.

After Communication, follows Competence that must be displayed in a team because without results it can be the most abused trait within a team.

After Communication, Competence, follows Collaboration, it is this what defines a team’s performance. Working together as a team displays a Work Ethic and Outshines the team’s results as a Community.

After Communication, Competence, Collaboration comes the final trait that every team-player must possess- Commitment. Because when there is no Commitment it is Game Over for that player. No Heart, No Soul, No Passion, No Respect, No Endurance. Game Over! Start Fresh with a New Team and a New Goal.

If you would like the 4 C’s, then Respect the Team and The Team’s Goal towards their Results.

Remember if any of the 4 C’s is missing, consequences will be paid.


Measurement of the Team with The Scorecard-

How does a Team know how to measure the progress? it is through a Scoreboard. Every week the team needs to measure its work and look at the progress for the week. If the team does not know how to measure itself then look at the milestones achieved by the team and who was responsible for a stepping-stone towards the goal. If still scoreboard cannot be used, then hang in there with the team and wait for an introspection at a later stage. Measurements are essential for a team and it is this that gauges the team to deliver player’s performance.


Keep a Reserved Power-

Whenever you have a team always keep the option of more players as reserve power that can be added to the team as problems arise. If its not possible to add Reserve Power, then you may be in trouble. Most people consider this power as the team progresses towards their goal; chances are you might need them any time.


Build Champions and Collect More of Them-

You need champions to solve problems for you when the problems arise, and you also need as many of them as the situation demands. Build them and Collect them. It is this trait that is required for a team that can be the Defining Moments of the Team. If you do not have champions, then you need to look for them in every possible way because without them you are headed for troubles and errors.


Prepared, Relational and Self-Improving-

Team-players need to be Ready for challenges by preparing them ahead of challenges, along with other team-players and continuously self-improving themselves. Preparation is the predictions of problems arising at hand, relating with people with whom challenges to face with and continuously improving themselves for more challenges to come. Prepare, Align, and Improve.


Selfless and Never Quitting-

Be Selfless whence you need to sacrifice personal agenda for the better good of the team. Never Give Up when tough times arise. Everything will seem small when these two traits will come together. No Selfishness for personal advantage and remaining focused on the Goals. Never Say Never!




The 2 D’s and 2 E’s-

Be Disciplined, Dependable, Enthusiastic and Enlarging. Discipline is seen in your daily agenda. Dependable shapes how much you can be Counted On. Enthusiastic is displayed in your passion for work. Enlarging is how much you can add value to other teammates.


Patience and Faith-

Above all these two traits are the essentials in the longer run. Teamwork will be displayed when you have patience to be a better version of yourself and Keep Faith in God to expect the results that you Dream about. Without these two traits the journey can be frustrating. Be Patient and Believe in Fate that helps You Keep Faith in God.